I would like to use the usb headset with microphone that I use on my smartphone with my new laptop

Plus, the quality noise cancelling microphone ensures your every word is heard – regardless of the noise around. The VOID headset can be easily customized using. The firmware will also need to be updated on the headset as well. Developed with sturdy materials, it is almost unbreakable. 1 surround sound, sidetone control and RGB lighting synchronization with compatible CORSAIR peripherals, coolers, fans and more. I would like to use the usb headset with microphone https://www.axtelheadsets.com/en/headsets/uc that I use on my smartphone with my new laptop. Thankyou so much to the ones who will try to help me, the final aim is to use my headset on skype. The power button turns the headset on or off with a short key press (SKP), but a very long key press (VLKP, about 8 seconds or longer) will put the headset into “pairing mode”. If you re-flash the firmware the headset will return to normal. A 360˚ microphone provides rich, clear audio, while standard USB connectivity, integrated cord storage and intuitive controls make it easy to start the conversation and stay in control of calls. Plug-and-play simplicity with crystal clear audio - all at a very reasonable price. I never disconnected my headset during a firmware update. And a noise canceling microphone to match. The problem is that my laptop can’t use my headset microphone. Is it possible to use the headset without any software installation? Give it purpose – fill it with books, DVDs, clothes, electronics and more. Check in the Sound program and see if the microphone or headset is listed under the recording. 1 right from the headset itself without having to interrupt your game. (see #16 for information about how to pair your headset to the USB receiver, if necessary). How do I know my headset is charging? Hands-free convenience and superior sound clarity with a 2-in-1 convertible headset. Is there any way to recover the headset from bootloader mode? Custom tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers bring the action to life with wide range and accuracy. The VOID user interface (UI) has been greatly simplified to offer expansive control right from the headset itself without the need for multiple confusing and complex buttons. When in bootloader mode, the headset will disable all audio and lighting, in other words it will appear. If a button is held down inadvertently while plugging the headset in to charge, it may go into bootloader mode. I’ve plugged my headset in to charge but it doesn’t appear to be charging and doesn’t turn. Bootloader mode is our failsafe protocol that prevents the headset from becoming unresponsive, which typically happens if the headset is improperly disconnected during a firmware update.